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Mirror’s Edge Will Not Be Removed From Digital Storefronts, EA Now Says, Calling Its Inclusion In An Earlier Announcement “An Error”

Earlier on Tuesday EA announced that it would de-list three titles from the Battlefield franchise and Mirror’s Edge, removing them from digital storefronts across all platforms.

EA has since published an edited version of the post, which removes mention of Mirror’s Edge, and stated in a tweet that its inclusion in the announcement was “an error.”

“An earlier version of this announcement included Mirror’s Edge. That was an error. We currently have no plans to remove Mirror’s Edge from digital storefronts.” the publisher tweeted, linking the edited announcement below.

Battlefield 1943, Battlefield Bad Company and Bad Company 2 however will still be removed from digital storefronts on April 28, 2023, as EA originally announced.

While this is definitely happy news for fans of the game who’d like to see it kept around for younger generations and video game preservation overall, it still is troubling that Mirror’s Edge was included at all.

With how EA and other publishers are actively sunsetting older games, and even Sony’s back and forth with sunsetting the PS3 and PS Vita PlayStation Stores, it can be difficult for players to really trust this was just an error, and not the publisher walking back on a decision it’ll likely still make, just further down the line.

Only time will tell if EA really does have no plans to remove Mirror’s Edge, and in the meantime it remains a solemn period for veteran Battlefield fans.

Source – [EA]