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Fortnite’s Original Map Is Already Being Recreated In Fortnite Creative 2.0

Fortnite, like every other long-lasting battle royale title out there, has gone through its fair share of changes, an essential part of those being a change in map and the general look of the game.

Now that Fortnite Creative 2.0 has been launched, an Unreal editor available to Fortnite players on PC, veteran fans are already putting in the work to try and recreate the game’s original map and chapter.

Being able to go back to where your favourite game became your favourite game is an enticing prospect, especially with live service games that can have some changes be permanent, with old content to never again resurface.

Destiny has been guilty of this, though thankfully that’s done. Other battle royale’s like Apex Legends have worked new maps and changes to old maps into the game’s lore, and though the map remains, it is forever changed.

Two teams working to recreate the original map have already completed it, Atlas OG Battle Royale and Reboot Royale, and more are no doubt on the way.

Source – [IGN]