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Deviation Games’ PlayStation-Exclusive Project Could Feature Solo & Co-Op Modes

The LinkedIn profile for Deviation Games‘ Derek Sunshine has indicated that the company’s upcoming PlayStation-exclusive project will include both solo and cooperative modes.

Sunshine, who serves as design director on the new project, lists ‘Design Director for Solo/Co-Op on a AAA game.’ This is almost certainly the PlayStation-exclusive project currently in development, which Sunshine has been involved with since November 2022.

Back in January last year, Deviation Games announced that it would be entering full production for its new project that year, with a job listing later suggesting it will take the form of a story-driven RPG. In September 2022, the studio announced that its co-founder, Jason Blundell, is leaving the studio.

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Last Summer it was revealed that the developer had started performance capture at PlayStation Visual Arts’ motion-capture studio. Despite all these rumblings, Deviation Games still hasn’t announced any key details on the game, but we’ll keep you updated.

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