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Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd Will Be One Of Lance Reddick’s Final Performances

Lance Reddick’s sad and sudden passing means that his absence will be felt across the multiple projects and franchises he graced, though the nature of these ongoing projects means we’re still due to see more work from him in the near future.

While the conclusion of Commander Zavala’s story in Destiny may very well be the last time we hear Reddick’s iconic voice in a game, one of his other final performances will be found in Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd.

Reddick as Hellboy is an immediate fit, something made clear in its teaser trailer with just one line. The character’s creator Mike Mignola is even penning an original story for Web Of Wyrd.

When the news of Reddick’s passing broke, Mignola, like many others who had the privilege to work with Reddick also spoke up online to mourn his death.

In a now deleted tweet, Mignola talks about just seeing Reddick weeks before his death, doing some work on Web Of Wyrd.

“I’m stunned. I was just with him a couple weeks ago as he was doing the voice of Hellboy for a new computer game — he was so great and such a nice guy. And just so young! Just too sad.” Mignola said.

It’s not clear why Mignola deleted the tweet, though it could be related to Web Of Wyrd still being without a release date, and neither developer Upstream Arcade nor publisher Good Shepard Entertainment wanting to elude to any sort of timeline as its development is ongoing.

That’s just speculation of course, but it seems that even just the subtle reference that the team was still working with Reddick on the story and recording voice lines might’ve been a step too far.

This also however puts into question whether or not Reddick had finished recording all of his lines, and if not, what Upstream Arcade will do to fill the gap.

Source – [TheGameSpoof]