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New Crime Boss: Rockay City Trailer Showcases Different Game Modes

Crime Boss: Rockay City brings a star-studded cast together for a crime focused first person game where players are charged with becoming the crime boss of Rockay City against all odds.

In a new trailer revealed on Wednesday, one of the game’s cast members and writers, Damon Poitier, takes players through the different game modes they can expect when Crime Boss: Rockay City releases.

The trailer also shows off more gameplay, while giving a more in-depth idea of what it’ll be to actually jump into Rockay City.

For example Crime Time is a quickplay mode that players can jump into, plan a heist and see it through, trying to make as much cash as they can in the one go.

Baker’s Battle is the game’s main campaign, which will likely take up the bulk of your time when you first jump in. Urban Legends is a co-op mode, that lets you join up with a friend for some action-packed mini campaigns.

You can check out the new trailer for Crime Boss: Rockay City for yourself, here.

Crime Boss: Rockay City doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but it does have a release window of June 2023.

Source – [505 Games]