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$99 Lead Testing in Boston

Is Your Drinking Water Safe for Your Family?

While Massachusetts prides itself on supplying residents with fresh, pure water straight from the Quabbin Reservoir, lead can still seep into the water through a lead service line. Additionally, lead can enter the tap water if you have lead pipes in your home or brass fixtures; pay extra attention to corroded pipes.

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How to Stop Lead from Potentially Polluting Your Tap Water

Your best bet is to receive professional lead testing from Winters Home Services. However, you can still be proactive and follow some of our tips below to reduce your exposure to lead:

  • Use zero-lead plumbing fixtures
  • Always use cold, running water when cooking or drinking from the tap
  • Avoid using hot tap water when making baby formula
  • Find out if there are lead service lines connected to your house

How to Tell If You Have Lead Pipes

Unfortunately, many homes built prior to 1940 consist of a lead-based water main. While some of these have been replaced throughout the years, it’s possible that there could still be one in your home.

To determine if you have a lead pipe there are a couple of quick tricks to test it out:

  • Scratch the pipe with a key – the pipe will turn bright silver
  • Look for a connection that’s shaped like a bulb

At Winters, we strongly encourage homeowners to have their lead service line replaced.

Choose Winters for $99 Lead Testing

If you suspect that lead may be in your water, call Winters Home Services at any time. We offer fast and efficient lead testing services for $99, allowing us to determine if lead is in your water within minutes.

Don’t panic if we find lead in your water! Our lead testing specialists will go over pricing for various water filtration systems, making sure your water is safe for your family.

If You’ve Hired Us for Services, Receive FREE Lead Testing

Once you’ve hired us for heating, plumbing, cooling or any of our other 24/7 services, feel free to talk to us about FREE lead testing services.

Our comprehensive water analysis will look for the following:

  • Lead
  • Pesticide
  • Bacteria
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Chlorine
  • Nitrates
  • Alkalinity

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and make visits to several areas in MA including Boston Metro, North West, South Shore, and Metro West.