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Frozen Pipe Repair in Boston

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Massachusetts residents are well aware of just how frigid winter temperatures can get in the New England area. However, do you know just how dangerous those temperatures can be to your home? One of the biggest cold-weather risks is the plumbing in your walls: when the water inside freezes, it expands, causing the pipes themselves to develop cracks or possibly even burst. A burst pipe can damage just about everything in your home, including your drywall and insulation, electrical system, flooring, furniture, and so much more.

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Signs Your Pipes Are Frozen

It might be cold outside, but does that mean your pipes are frozen? Not necessarily—in fact sometimes people mistake frozen pipes for a clog in their lines since they can share some of the same symptoms. However, it’s important to correctly figure out whether or not your plumbing is frozen quickly so you can react and be prepared for leaks when the water starts to melt.

Here are four signs that you’re dealing with frozen pipes:

  • Strange smells: If something smells odd in your drains or faucets, then there’s a distinct possibility that you may have a block in your drain or sewer lines. When this happens, the only way for the smell to escape is back up the line to your house, which is why you smell it.
  • Frost on pipes: Find an exposed section of pipe and look at it. If there’s frost on the pipe, then odds are the water inside is cold enough to freeze, which means you could be facing this problem quickly.
  • The temperature is below freezing: If the temperature outside isn’t cold enough to freeze the water inside your pipes, then odds are the water inside probably isn’t frozen. After all, the temperature outside is what causes the water inside to freeze.
  • No running water: The simplest test for a frozen water pipe: turn on your faucets. If water comes flowing freely from all faucets, then you’re probably in the clear. If one or more isn’t receiving running water, then you may have a frozen blockage somewhere.

Why Do You Need a Plumber for Frozen Pipes?

When you’re dealing with frozen pipes, you need a plumber you can trust to get your problems fixed quickly and protect your home from the possibility of catastrophic damage. At Winters Home Services, we know how to handle serious issues, and we deliver quality care and outstanding results to customers all across Boston, Cambridge, and surrounding cities.

We approach each job with the intent of getting it done right the first time, especially when the condition of your home is on the line. Whether you’re dealing with a small leak or need a major pipe repair in an emergency, you can expect a quality repair and friendly, punctual service. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

Repairing a Frozen Pipe

Repairing a frozen pipe isn’t always easy. First, your Boston plumber will have to locate the blockage, which can be even more difficult if it’s located inside your walls. Gaining access to one of these pipes may involve cutting through drywall or sheetrock in order to access the line. From there, thawing out the line can be difficult.

Once the issue is resolved, it’s strongly advised you invest in insulating your plumbing to try and prevent this problem. Plumbing insulation is inexpensive, but could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on plumbing repairs by preventing the water in your lines from freezing over.

When your pipes are frozen over, trust the experts at Winters Home Services to get your home or business working properly again! Call (617) 977-3101 now to request your service.