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Backflow Testing in Boston

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Backflow issues can cause a wide amount of problems in the household, specifically the contamination of drinking water in the plumbing system. When backflow occurs, there is an unwanted reversal of the flow of water from its projected direction in any pipeline.

Winters Home Services provides Massachusetts residents with effective backflow services, allowing families and individuals to sip on clean, healthy water. We’ll provide a full inspection to ensure proper operation and to maintain compliance with your town’s local code.

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What is Backflow?

Backflow is when the pressure in a typical plumbing system fails and the distribution of water goes to the opposite direction. When this happens, water can become contaminated with pollutants.

Backflow Prevention Devices

A Backflow Prevention Device is used to protect water supplies from contamination. We encourage all homeowners to test their device at least once a year to ensure it is working properly. Failure to test this could lead to a harmful backflow in the future.

What is Involved in a Water Backflow Test?

Backflow tests are quite simple when done by our experienced Boston plumbers. The device does have test ports which allow the yearly testing to occur. Our technicians will connect our test kit to the device and verify that it is working properly.

Why is My Water Backflow Device Failing?

If your backflow device is not working correctly, this could be due to water pressure, water quality or frequency of use. However, only 5% of tested devices have problems. A majority of the problems are caused by worn O-rings, cut seals or broken springs. Winters Home Services provides thorough water backflow tests and if you find your water backflow device failing, we offer fast repair service.

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