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PowerWash Simulator (PS5) – Wet, Wet, Wet

PowerWash Simulator Review (PS5) – Sometimes, just sometimes, something comes along that really gives me hope that the video game industry still has new and unique ideas.

From my good friends at Futurlab comes a very unique game about power washing. I know, it sounds mental when I say it out loud. Bloody power washing!

I had heard all the rumblings about this game when it initially released on PC and all the social media buzz that surrounded it. So when the opportunity to play it on the PS5 came along, I could not resist.

Plus since it’s Futurlab, who have made one of my favourite games of all time, I have high expectations going in.

PowerWashing Simulator Review (PS5) – Say it, Don’t Spray It!

You Dirty, Dirty Boy you!

I know there’s a big thing around simulator games and most of them are tosh but I know this one had something, that certain bit of magic I have been searching for.

We have had Goat Simulator, PC Build Simulator and an all manner of different simulators but rarely are they as cherished in the gaming sphere as much as this one is.

PowerWash Simulator has a simple premise, clean some of the grimiest things you have seen in your life, I mean, come on? Who’s house or van is ever that dirty? It’s your job, to use the tools at your disposal to get the offending object spick and span.

It’s how this is handled though, and the little drip-feed of endorphin hits you get while you play, that makes it so bloody addictive.

The game is made up of a career mode and a specials mode, which off the bat has you cleaning the mansion from Tomb Raider.

Within the career mode, you have your normal jobs, bonus jobs, a free-play mode and a challenge mode to shake your wet stick at.

They all roughly play out the same though apart from the challenge mode, which has you cleaning at pace and trying to use as little water as possible.

Skills to Pay The Bills

Career mode is where you will be spending most of your time where you’ll work your way up the PowerWashing ranks, buying new gear, better equipment and getting more efficient at busting grime! While the main campaign is otherwise light on story.

It does contain some hilarious moments in the form of messages from your clients. While you’re cleaning you get SMS messages, some of them are quite witty and some are just downright weird but they do add a lot to the whole package, giving it depth.

What makes this game, to me anyway, is the streamlined gameplay and as for the stream of endorphin hits mentioned above, they come from how cleaning each item is handled. Each item, as you clean it, is split up into small sections and parts.

These parts all have a progress bar and when cleaned make a ding noise that never gets old. You may have to use differing powered nozzles to get off different types of grime, you may even have to use different spray types to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Each checked-off part on the list of parts to clean makes you feel accomplished and with the added ding as things get done, it all feels rather satisfying.

What I also found entertaining is at the end of each job you see a time-lapse of the work you did. As the black and brown dirt gets replaced by shiny, clean surfaces and it’s so rewarding to see all your hard work pay off.

Tools of the Trade

Equipment-wise, as you’re earning your cash, you can purchase new power washers, new nozzles, cleaning liquids for different surfaces and even some cosmetics.

They do help you progress as more powerful gear will clean quicker and it certainly added to the rewarding nature of the game to see your equipment get better. It never gets old getting a new power washer and seeing it creating gleaming, clean lines among the dirt. Super!

On the presentation front, while the sights and sounds of PowerWash Simulator will not set your world on fire, I did find the art style and minimalistic sound work fit the game perfectly.

You certainly don’t need a bombastic soundtrack while you’re having a chilled cleaning session.

Fresh n’ Clean

Graphically, there were certain aspects that stood out. Some of the lighting, reflections and general material effects were great, especially the way the water spray dried in the sun and how it created clean shiny surfaces underneath all the dirt.

Let’s be honest, when all your doing is cleaning, the graphical representation of that needs to be strong and it certainly is. I like the presentation of PowerWash Simulator, it’s very clean and crisp.

While I had no major issues playing PowerWash Simulator, there was the odd time my character seem to get stuck on certain items.

Sometimes my character would just stop when traversing roof tiles for example and I had to just do a small jump to carry on.

There were also some performance issues on later levels but it was hardly noticeable and did not detract from what may be one of the most unique experiences I have played on the PS5.

Proof The Video Game Industry is Stil Alive

I can’t believe I am saying this but PowerWash Simulator is a brilliant addition to the PlayStation 5 library. There really is no other game like it.

It reminds me of what I loved about Splatoon but in reverse. It’s rewarding, so chilled out and I truly think most players will like it.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of players will turn their noses up at it but it’s their loss. PowerWash SImulator is a blast and I am so happy I got to play it.

I am so glad this game exists, in a world of bloated RPGs, cut-and-paste shooters and non-inspiring design, its nice to see something different and something so unique.

It makes me happy that people are still tying something new and there are still developers pushing boundaries and envelopes alike.

PowerWash Simulator is now available on PS5 and PS4.

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The Final Word

For a game that should not be fun, PowerWash Simulator is very addictive. The 'ding' you get when each piece gets cleaned is so satisfying and rewarding, as is seeing a massive area go from being dark brown and dirty to shiny and new. In a world of very similar games that fail to offer anything new, PowerWash Simulator achieves this with aplomb and makes me happy for future unique titles. There's nothing quite like this game on the market and that in itself means you should give it a try.