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The Last Worker Is A PS5 Narrative Adventure About The Rise Of Automation In A Sunken Metropolis


Wired Productions revealed The Last Worker for PS5 today during its Wired Direct, which is a narrative-adventure about the ever-increasing threat of automation.

Set to release in 2022, The Last Worker takes place in a sprawling sunken metropolis and features hand-painted 3D art from comics legend Mick McMahon (Judge Dredd). The game is developed by Wolf & Wood, the team that helped pioneer a number of VR games. The title is described as having an all-star cast and a story filled with heartfelt drama, biting satire, and intense action.

A short teaser trailer for the project was revealed, but we can expect more down the road. Given the studio’s history with VR we also wouldn’t be surprised to see this hit Sony’s next-gen VR system (this isn’t confirmed though).

You can watch the reveal trailer for The Last Worker on PS5 below:

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You can catch up on the show and rewatch it here, on our live stream page.

The Last Worker releases for PS5 in 2022.